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Exploring the New Features in Laravel Filament V3 – The Ultimate Admin Panel

Update 4: Even though Filament v3 has been officially released a few hours ago, it is not recommended to install or upgrade it for production at this time. This caution arises from Filament v3’s dependency on Livewire v3, which is currently in beta version and facing difficulties in upgrading from Filament v2 to v3. Update […]


SEO Best Practice 2023

SEO Best Practice Implementing best practices for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a Laravel blog involves a combination of technical and content-related optimizations. By following these best practices, you can improve your blog’s visibility in search engine results and attract more organic traffic. Here are some key practices to consider: 1. Meta Tags Optimization: Use […]

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Steps of creating a dropshipping store in WordPress

Step-by-step guide to creating a dropshipping store in WordPress: 1. Choose a domain name and a web host: You will need a domain name for your store, which is the web address people use to visit your website. You will also need a web hosting provider to store your website files and make your website […]


Free eCommerce website multilingual – Laravel 9, Livewire, Tailwind css, and Alpinejs – RTL language support

Free eCommerce website multilingual – Laravel 9, Livewire, Tailwind css, and Alpinejs – RTL language support Arabic and English interfaces and many more features. Demo website Download files from github Installation guidelines   Please leave your comments and suggestion if there any


Multi language Laravel 8 project

In this post, we are going to explain the shortest path to add many languages to Laravel 8 including RTL language and language switcher. 1- Add languages to app/config/app.php file ‘languages’ => [ ‘ar’, ‘en’ ], 2- Create middleware component php artisan make:middleware Localization 3- Add Localization class to web group in app/kernal file \App\Http\Middleware\Localization::class, […]


Steps to install Laravel 8 with Jetstream and Tailwindcss multi theme multi language

There are many tutorials about installing Laravel 8 with the necessary tools and packages.Also the steps to install dark and light, system mode. In addition to adding the proper way to install mutil-lingual site. Here I’m going to put all the effort and installation steps in one place so easy to recall and follow. Before […]


How to add a new font to cs-cart

Steps of adding a new font to cs-cart: 1- Upload the new font in any format like .ttf to the theme path for example: domainname.com/design/themes/responsive/media (responsive is the active theme) 2- Update the schema.json file by going to the fonts-> families section the add the new font as follow: for example we need to add […]

Latex Workshop: Requirements, tools, introduction, and exercises 2021

What is LaTeX? LaTeX is a markup language to typeset documents. It excels at making math and the overall layout beautiful. Learn how to create top-notch academic papers. Explore all features with hands-on tutorials and code examples. For free. How to get started? With this workshop, you will learn how to use LaTeX in one […]

Create first project in laravel 5.7

First, you have to install Laravel 5.7 by following the steps explained in here Second scaffold the created project by running the command: php artisan make:auth This command should be run within the created project.    

How to plan a group dinner in Google Maps

When you plan a group dinner for friends, deciding where you’re going can be a bit confusing, but Google is on the way to making it easier for you. The company introduced a new update to the Google Maps application that made it offer you a menu that you can share from restaurants or clubs […]

5G Flexible Transceiver for Physical Layer Evaluation

Basic overview The aim of this proposal is to extend the flexible PHY software component made available by the eWINE project with MIMO technologies. The goal is to utilize the second independent RF chain of the USRP SDR to employ Alamouti space-time coding (STC) combined with GFDM. This technique, firstly introduced for OFDM based wireless […]

5G physical layer specifications

The 5G specifications have been published as the 3GPP 38 series. Here we look at the physical layer specifications. 38.211: Physical channels and modulation The scope is to establish the characteristics of the Layer-1 physical channels, generation of physical layer signals and modulation, and to specify: Definition of the uplink and doecewnlink physical channels Frame structure […]


5G New Radio Self-introduction

3GPP http://www.3gpp.org/ What is the 3GPP standard 5G why organizations cannot do without it?  Time flies, blink of an eye to 2017, from its inception in 1998, 3GPP continues to expand, driven by the members, involve a lot of work and hundreds of companies Collaboration, including network operators, terminal manufacturers, chip manufacturers, infrastructure manufacturers, academia, […]


Link Level (LL) Simulation vs System Level (SL) Simulation

In the development and standardization of LTE, as well as in the implementation process of equipment manufacturers, simulations are necessary to test and optimize algorithms and procedures. This has to be carried out on the physical layer (link level) and in the network (system level) context: Link level simulations LL simulations allow for the investigation […]

How 5G reduces data transmission latency

One of the essential requirements in 5G wireless systems is minimizing packet transmission latency for ultra-reliable and low latency (URLLC) services. One of the most prominent examples will be vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. V2X certainly includes reaching vehicles with broadband services, but latency isn’t an issue there. Low latency in cellular networks is a prerequisite for […]

Introduction to Latency towards 5G

In developing wireless 5G standards, we have an opportunity to further reduce latency, the time delays, in future wireless networks.  In fact, there appears to be unanimous opinion that 5G standards should have less than 1 millisecond (msec) of latency.[1],[2],[3],[4] But why? In considering results from neurology and studies of interactive games, and in considering the […]

5G new technology aspects

The total download capacity for a single 5G mobile cell must be at least 20Gbps, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has decided. In contrast, the peak data rate for current LTE cells is about 1Gbps. The incoming 5G standard must also support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometre, and the standard will […]

Conversation between Google and a Pizza customer

Here is the conversation happen between a customer of Pizza store and how Google introduced the customer to the store: “`Hello! Is this Gordon’s Pizza ? No sir, it’s Google’s Pizza. Did I dial the wrong number? No sir, Google bought the pizza store. Oh, alright – then I’d like to place an order please. Okay […]

What does Google know about me? and how to avoid it

When you search on Google, they keep your search history forever? That means they know every search you’ve ever done on Google. That alone is pretty scary, but it’s just the shallow end of the very deep pool of data that they try to collect on people. What most people don’t realize is that even if you don’t use any Google products […]

5G channel coding

Polar codes, a class of codes which allows to 1. attain the capacity of all symmetric memoryless channels (=those for which the capacity is attained for a uniform input distribution), 2. with an encoding algorithm of complexity O(N log N) (N = code length), 3. with a decoding algorithm of complexity O(N log N). This […]