How to plan a group dinner in Google Maps

When you plan a group dinner for friends, deciding where you’re going can be a bit confusing, but Google is on the way to making it easier for you.

The company introduced a new update to the Google Maps application that made it offer you a menu that you can share from restaurants or clubs to choose from, whether it’s a birthday party or a youth party.

Starting Wednesday, Google Maps will allow users to add restaurant options to a list that can be shared via any messaging application. In a group message, others can add or remove ideas and vote on favorite places on the list, all within Google Maps for Android or iOS.

With this application, you can make plans with friends without worrying that you have chosen a place that none of them likes. What Google has to do, according to Mashable, is that Google Maps can help friends share the price of the bill.

This new feature is available with the latest app update, and once you’ve installed the new version, long clicking anywhere in the app will add that place to a list that you can share.