Steps of adding a new font to cs-cart:

1- Upload the new font in any format like .ttf to the theme path
for example: (responsive is the active theme)
2- Update the schema.json file by going to the fonts-> families section the add the new font as follow:

for example we need to add DroidKufi-Bold.ttf: “DroidKufi-Bold,sans-serif”: “DroidKufi-Bold”

the section will be like this:

“fonts”: {
“families”: {

“DroidKufi-Bold,sans-serif”: “DroidKufi-Bold”,
“‘Open Sans’,’Helvetica Neue’,-apple-system,sans-serif”: “Open Sans”,
“‘Comic Sans MS’,cursive”: “Comic Sans MS”,
“‘Courier New’,Courier,monospace”: “Courier New”,
“Georgia,serif”: “Georgia”,
“Impact,Charcoal,sans-serif”: “Impact”,
“‘Lucida Console’,Monaco,monospace”: “Lucida Console”,
“‘Lucida Sans Unicode’,’Lucida Grande’,sans-serif”: “Lucida Sans Unicode”,
“‘Palatino Linotype’,’Book Antiqua’,Palatino,serif”: “Palatino Linotype”,
“Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif”: “Tahoma”,
“‘Times New Roman’,Times,serif”: “Times New Roman”,
“‘Trebuchet MS’,Helvetica,sans-serif”: “Trebuchet MS”,
“Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif”: “Verdana”,
“‘Gill Sans’,Geneva,sans-serif”: “Gill Sans”,

3- The last step is to add the new font to the list of the visual theme editor. This step needs to update the file yourstylename.less in the and add the font to the beginning of the file like this:

@font-face {
font-family: DroidKufi-Bold;
src: url(‘/DroidKufi-Bold.ttf’); /* keep the path as it is */


Finally, go to the visual theme editor and go to the fonts section and try to change the font for any list and you will see the font in the list.

That’s it.